Commercial Law

Our specialized group of lawyers give advice and take part in the setting-up of firms and other legal entities, providing their support against all the obstacles that they can encounter in their way

Furthermore, we have thorough experience in the negotiation, design and execution of all sorts of commercial contracts.  We also have great skills in developing appropriate mechanisms to solve disputes and complaints related to them.

In the same token, we are legal specialists in insolvency law, giving advice to potentially affected parties because of a current firm’s worrying economic situation. Our legal advice on this branch of law extends to:

  • Counselling in the Pre-Bankruptcy Stage.
  • Liability of Company Directors.
  • Design of the Creditors’ Agreement.
  • Counselling in relation to Insolvency Administration.
  • Redundancy Schemes.
  • Counselling in the Liquidation Stage.
  • Recognition and enforcement of Judicial Resolutions delivered in foreign insolvency judgements.
  • Structuring of investments in Bankruptcy Assets and Liabilities.
  • Claw-back and corporate recovery actions.
  • Defence of Creditors’ Rights.
  • Enforcement of financial Collateral Obligations.