More than 40 years defending the business interests of our customers support us with a working system efficient and transparent, based on experience, preparation and talent.

We apply new technology to every fields and areas of law in which we operate. The structure and organization of the firmallows us to devote to each case and each client, the professionals and the media that is most appropriate for the resolution of cases that we are in charge and, therefore our firm has experts in each area of law to encompass the services offered by our firm, based, of course, on the special circumstances of each particular case.

The firm also works with highly regarded counsellors from the academic, economic and business worlds in its principal areas of practice.

Among our clients are included companies and individuals Spanish and foreign, who entrust us with the management of their legal and economic interests throughout the region of Andalusia, where we practise, as in Madrid. The important and diverse clients we have, with varied and different issues allows us to provide comprehensive services and a perspective of wholeness.