Who Are We?

Founded in 1972, GARCÍA MONTOYA is a highly specialized law firm that acts for foreign  companies and private individuals. Our staff has many years of experience in dealing with Social Law under our founder’s leadership, Enrique García Montoya. Our firm leads new ways of legal counselling that allow us to offer multidisciplinary services.

From the beginning, our firm has enjoyed the trust of many people and companies thanks to its compromise and confidence with our clients. In addition, this has also enabled us to expand our facilities, in both our infrastructure and multi-skilled staff.

COMPROMISE: Any assignment on the part of our clients represents a challenge and clear compromise for GARCÍA MONTOYA law firm. The new challenge for us is to be able to solve any legal matter brought to us in the best possible way, always in the pursuit of our clients’ interests. In addition, not to disappoint our clients’ trust when choosing our legal firm also represents a great challenge for us.

EFFICIENCY: Our office is divided into different “modules,” each one provided with all the available means so as to fulfil our clients’ interests in a diligent way. The specialization of our staff in the different legal areas aforementioned enables us to quicken the management of the legal cases put forward. Therefore, key factors such as, the proficient handling of legal matters and our staff’s expertise in the resolution of the legal cases, work in favour of our clients’ interests.

HIGH STANDARDS: GARCÍA MONTOYA law firm is composed of a large group of professionals specialized in different law sectors, who will counsel you in the most appropriate way. They will inform you about your rights and obligations in relation to any particular legal case you may bring to us.

We are made up of a large group of diverse people, who work as a harmonious and a module-like entity specialized in all legal areas. Our service is based on work in coordinated groups that allows us to offer full confidence in the results without ever underestimating a close contact and an individualized treatment with our clients.

Our legal services are complemented by a very large group of experts from different knowledge areas (humanists, psychologists, doctors, engineers, economists, auditors…). All of them have been working with us for many years and they fully complete our professional tasks.

For all these reasons, we are confident that you can place all your assurance in us with the utmost belief that your interests and wishes are guaranteed by our professional training and expertise.